Applying to Hastings Direct

We’re proud to employ the very best people around. We know it is their talent, dedication and drive that is the secret to our success. So, in order to bring in not only the best people, but also the right ones, we’ve developed an objective recruitment process that helps us identify great talent and provide a world class candidate experience.

Our process is focused on:

  • Ensuring equality of opportunities for all
  • Treating all applications in the strictest confidence
  • Appointing the very best person for the job

It is an approach that has seen Hastings Direct become a destination for really talented people.

Our process for Customer Representative roles

On day 1: Starting your career

"I need a new job. Where do I start? Hastings Direct looks good. It sounds like a great place to work with lots of training and career development if I want it."

Application feedback

"Well, I applied - did they get my application? Will I get an interview? Oh, the automated instant email has confirmed that Hastings Direct have recieved my application."

By day 4: Contact call

"Hastings Direct called me to follow up and were really friendly and knowledgeable. They asked me some questions and talked me through the next step which is the video interview."

Video interview

"I got the video interview link straight away after my call. The video at the beginning explaining all about Hastings Direct was really good. It looks like a friendly place and a great team to work for. I really liked the way the recruiters showed me how to do the interview before I did mine! That was funny, but really helpful."

By day 7: Contact call

"Within a couple of days I had a call from Hastings Direct who gave me some feedback on my video interview and booked me into an assessment centre."

Within 7-21 days: Assessment centre day

"The Hastings Direct team invited me to an assessment centre day within three weeks of making my initial application. They talked me through what to expect beforehand whch really helped."

Next working day: Job offer

"Hastings Direct called me the day after my assessment centre day to tell me I got through which was great. They also gave me feedback on how I'd done, and talked about a start date and completing some online details for checking. I'm going into the office before I start, to be shown more about the job and where I'll be working."

7 days before you start: Keeping in touch

"I got a postcard from the Hastings Direct team saying how much they're looking forward to me joining them. That means that they haven't forgotten me!"

5 days before you start: Before you join

"It was great to speak to my trainer the week before joining. I had lots of questions and it really heped settle any nerves I may have had."

On your first day: Welcome to Hastings Direct

"The induction was brilliant especially the 'getting to know you' exercise on the first day. Ata very early stage, my group formed such a strong bond which continued all the way through our learning journey."

The Hastings Direct Academy

"I was made to feel supported from day one and had a one-to-one coaching when I took my first call. Throughout the Academy I got so much support, recieving feedback on what I was doing well and areas where I could improve. I knew I was capable of doing well when I met the 'sign out target'. I understood the risks to myself, customers and the customer if I'd left Academy without being ready."

Joining your team

"My Academy leader made sure my team leader knew all about how I performed in the Academy which helped. My new team leader knew what I was focusing on to improve. They also partnered be up with someone on the team, which helped me settle in."

Your new job begins

"I get regular catch-ups with my new team leader and my team so I know what's going on and how I can develop in the future."

Frequently asked questions

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  • arrow-down cross If my application is unsuccessful, will you let me know?
  • arrow-down cross Can I get feedback if I have been unsuccessful?
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Our use of agencies

At Hastings Direct we try to fill our vacancies without the help of agencies or partners. On the rare occasion that we can't fill a role ourselves, we'll only use agencies that we trust and that are on our preferred supplier list. Only agencies on our list can provide us with CVs requested by our in-house recruitment team. Consequently, we aren’t in a position to accept any speculative CVs from agencies who aren’t on our list.

If you're interested in providing recruitment services to Hastings Direct, please email us at We'll keep your details for consideration as and when we need to. Thank you.