Underwriting Services at Hastings Direct

As a small team working on a broad range of projects that have major business impact, we’re crucial to the company’s success. By studying historic claims data, analysing trends and opportunities and assessing which risks that we cover, we ensure the business collects enough premiums to cover the cost of customers claims.

This includes researching and analysing new types of data which could improve our pricing even further. From hypothesis testing, to product design and presenting our findings to different audiences, it gives you the chance to develop a full range of skills and strengths.

We look for people who combine a thorough, analytical approach and an eye for detail with strong technical knowledge of policy and claims, or analytical and programming skills. Join us and you’ll enjoy the opportunity to learn a variety of new skills and further your career in an environment that encourages a can-do attitude.

Our Underwriting Services teams

Actuarial Modelling

Actuarial Modelling

As well as building pricing models for Advantage Insurance who underwrite 90% of our policies, we also constantly research new developments to improve both models and data.

Case Referral

Case Referral

Dealing with queries passed on by the claims team, we investigate claims to check if they’re valid or fraudulent. We also handle Police calls to confirm if customers they’ve stopped are covered.

Commercial Underwriting and Segment Managers

Commercial Underwriting and Segment Managers

We cover everything from ensuring pricing models are fit for purpose and monitoring accounts for consistent performance, and making relevant adjustments, to working with the actuarial team to investigate new ideas and data.

Polaris Team

Polaris Team

We use specialist product-building software to create and maintain underwriting products for Advantage.

Product Development

Product Development

We test Advantage products at every stage after implementation to ensure they’re achieving their purpose, and update Advantage policyholders on the MID website.

Meet some of our Underwriting Services team

Graham Frost
Head of Actuarial Modelling

I joined in 1997 as a recent graduate, when Hastings Direct was a new company. As the business has grown, so has my team. I’ve gained more and more responsibility and the variety of activities I’m involved in means there are always new challenges to meet and explore. I believe it’s the open and honest relationship the company has with its colleagues that nurtures our can-do attitude. There always seems to be a positive approach even when things don’t go to plan. The community spirit’s also very good and we really make a positive impact on local communities.

Aris Vilkaitis
Head of Pricing and Segmentation

There’s always something new to work on here, so my role is never dull and there are lots of opportunities to develop into different areas. It’s a very supportive and relaxed environment - if you have an idea, it’s taken into account and you’re recognised for your contribution. In the underwriting team, you may be doing the same role as your colleague, but you could be completing different tasks and this allows you to learn from each other’s skills and strengths. I also enjoy the opportunity I get to experience new cutting-edge tools and techniques.

Where our Underwriting Services teams are based

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